Phoenix Cirlce

Phoenix Circle

My development in physical mediumship started actively in 2012 when the Circle of Life was formed (now the Phoenix Circle). I never thought or had any wish to become a physical medium. But it became evident in my development and because of the signs I got, I knew at some point that this was my pathway.

I am privileged to have experienced and attended many séances with some of the worlds best physical mediums and to be able to work with them as well, like David Thompson and Stewart Alexander. Especially David Thompson is involved in my development and a great support. Iam very grateful to him. With my circle, The Phoenix Circle, we are developing physical mediumship and the pathway that we travel together and develop upon is a wonderful one so far. That makes me very thankful. Very occasionally people from outside that we know sat with us and over the past years we had some public séances or séances on courses. For the time being we decided to stop this as the Spirit world asked us to do so. Their aim is to further work on the development and manifestation and that process will continue to take place in the Home Circle first. If the possibility comes up to attend a séance again, then it will be announced.

Holland knows no history like this with physical mediumship and it would be wonderful if we can make it happen in this country and write history. I feel it is very important that people who wish to develop their mediumship, dedicate their time to the Spirit World and sit in a “home circle”, which is, in my view, the foundation of mediumship and Spiritualism. We see more people making this movement and that is terrific!

The name of the Circle changed in 2019, because the Spirit World inspired us to do so. And isn’t it wonderful if we look at the purpose of physical mediumship that it is closely aligned with the spiritual meaning of the phoenix? The phoenix represents rebirth, magic, renewal, safety, transformation, permanence, inventiveness and the sacredness of life. It begins with lifting from darkness into light; this is a complete life cycle and also a symbol of our immortal soul. In physical mediumship life is being created from darkness into light as all life is: a baby develops in the womb of a mother, a seed is planted in the dark earth before it sees the ligh. This is how it works for the Spirit people that wish to materialize themselves. It happens in the darkness of the séance room, a sacred place, where life is manifested and both worlds become one.